Is it clean?

Durango Flotation Therapy’s current flotation setup primarily uses ultraviolet sterilization delivered via 3 submersible pumps. These pumps also serve to move the solution through a 1 micron filter and are in continuous use in between sessions. The solution is additionally treated daily with a 35% concentration of hydrogen peroxide and we preform regular surface skimming as an extra precaution. These steps combined with the sterile nature of a highly-salinized solution insure a clean experience.

Do I need a bathing suit?

No. A suit is not necessary and can take away from the experience. For first time users and known deep sleepers a suit is advised. While rarely an issue, until you are comfortable knowing our speaker system is adequate to waken you from sleep the use of a suit insures your privacy.  

Will I be shown how to use the tank properly?

Yes. You will be guided by an experienced floater before your session. If you have questions, comments or concerns before your float they will be there to place your mind at ease.  

Is the tank locked?

No. You are in complete control and may exit/enter the tank as you please.  If floating isn't for you, we will gladly refund 50% of the cost.

Please email us if you have any additional questions or concerns.